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quick link tip: +++ ασκησις - asceticism, but only with this shirt

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Advocata diaboli

Foto courtesy of @redmamba.

Latin for hundreds of years was the "lingua franca" of the civilized world (apologies to chinese, arabic and several other cultures) and left a wealth of quotes, expressions and plain wisdom

Increasing numbers of people are discovering it as a basis for most European languages and linguistic logic, generations understand it worldwide and 20 centuries filtered out the best of it.
Most of what is left is characterised by the gravitas of longevity (all latin words, these)

reason enough for us to use latin for our fashion and sell it digitally...hic et nunc.
Our clothes can be worn as elegant vestimentia otii (Leisure dress) as vestimentia viae (streetwear), vestimentia saltationis (clubwear) or vestimentia undae (surfwear). And we design and produce for all ages.

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